Thursday, 17 March 2011

Beast of Dartmoor

got this emailed from rich today, ill let him tell its story

"here's my "Beast of Dartmoor" it's a 1954 M100 which had been in a cow shed since the late 70's until a couple years back when I got me grubby paws on it.
I use it several times a week for the 50 mile round-trip to Exeter and back and can say it's very reliable"


  1. cool looking beast... my obsession with the big slopers is growing.....

    1. Cheers,
      I rebuilt it to ride, so mechanically it's great, but I left a few things like mudguards, headlamp, tank (with a scrub up and lacquer)as they came out of the barn, just an oily rag rubbed over.
      Ral (Rich)